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Life Before PDIForm

Personal Data Inventory (PDI) forms are a great way to collect basic information before starting counseling.

If you use PDI forms, you’re probably used to seeing forms like this.

Hurried and incomplete answers, writing in the margins, sometimes difficult to read; then there’s the logistics and timing of sending and receiving the form.

How PDIForm Makes a Difference

PDIForm allows you to send interested counselees to a personal website where they can fill out the form at a convenient time.

Since they won't suffer from writing fatigue, they’ll be much more likely to give thorough and helpful information.

The Result

Once they’re done, you receive an email with a simple, easy-to-read PDF document.

From there you can either print it, or use your favorite PDF editor on your computer or tablet.

it's that easy!

Cost and Account Types

There is no cost to use PDIForm. However, there are two kinds of accounts you can have: Individual and Ministry accounts.

What’s the difference between an individual and a ministry?

When you sign up as an individual, your domain can be http://yourname.pdiform.com. When someone submits the form, it comes directly to your email. Also, the design of the welcome section is has a more personal feel. Click here for an example.

When you sign up as a ministry, your domain can be http://yourministry.pdiform.com. Completed forms are sent to a central person (e.g. administrative staff) who then distributes the form to the appropriate counselor. Click here for an example.

What's included?

  1. Your own customized domain for easy referral (see above).
  2. A full year of access to the form.
  3. The following customizations to the form:
    • Personalized welcome section (including your preferred text and images).
    • Counseling Agreement section (often used for disclaimers, process explanation, etc.).
    • Custom color scheme to match your ministry.
    • Any question(s) or section(s) can be hidden.

Common Questions

How much can I customize the form?

Any number of questions can be hidden, but at this time no questions can be added.

Can I put the form on my website?

There are a couple ways to incorporate the form into your website. The easiest method is to use an iFrame. Contact us for more information about this. Additionally, if you have someone who is able to program ASP.NET C# code, you can obtain the PDIForm code to customize it to your needs.

Who is behind PDIForm?

PDIForm run by Gabriel Powell, a graduate of The Master's Seminary and certified through the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. He has a web development background and manages the Internet department at a respected non-profit ministry.

How do I get started?

Fill out the sign-up form below. I’ll contact you to gather the necessary information and answer any further questions you may have.

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Have more questions? Send an email to info@pdiform.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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